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1) Will the cruise control kit work on a carburetor equipped engine?
Yes, with the optional Carburetor Conversion Kit
2) Does this Carburetor Conversion Kit work with non-stock carburetors?
The kit was specifically designed for the carburetor that comes stock on 2000 and newer Softails™, and probably will not fit non-stock carburetors if the throttle boss (the big wheel on the side of the carb) and cable holder are not identical to the normal stock carb.
3) I have a brake light flasher module (Harley, Kuryakyn, etc.) installed, or an LED taillight, is the cruise module compatible with it?
Due to wiring differences in the Softail models vs. touring models, 3rd party flasher kits or LED taillights affect the way the cruise control module initializes. All of our kits are now compatible with add-on brake light flashers or LED taillights out-of-the-box. No additional module is needed. If you ordered a kit before 2006, you may need an additional device to ensure correct operation with a brake light flasher or LED taillight. A Brake Light Compatibility Kit, part number DL10512-00 ($12), is available. Please contact us if you need to order this part.
4) I want chromed hand controls - is that possible?
Yes. Chrome shells can be ordered from any Harley-Davidson dealer (P/N 70228-96B). Changing the shells requires a Philips screwdriver, a special tool included with the chrome shells, and a little finger dexterity.
5) Is the cruise control kit compatible with my alarm/siren?
Yes, on 2003 and newer models, the siren will need to be moved about 1/4" up on electrical bracket and can be easily secured with two tie-wraps.
6) Can I buy a kit without knowing the exact model/year (i.e. as a gift)?
Absolutely. If the inner bags are unopened and undamaged, we will gladly exchange kits for the correct model/year, or if you let us know when you place the order, we can make special arrangements at that time. Likewise, if you have special shipping requests (such as unlabeled boxes, give wrapped for Christmas or a birthday) please let us know at the time of placing your order.
7) Can I get braided stainless steel or platinum (i.e. Diamondback) cables?
Yes. However, we do not carry these cables at this time, but can help you in selecting the correct cable from Barnett Tool & Engineering (available through your local Harley-Davidson dealer.
8) After I route the cruise control cable and attach it to the throttle body or carburetor conversion kit, there is no gap as described in the instructions. What do I do?
Double-check that the cable is not severely bent or kinked and that it follows the correct path (along the frame, and up along the clutch cable). Also, make sure the path under the tank is a smooth arc. Care was taken in the design of the kit to make sure this won't happen with proper cable routing, but if you're still having problems, please call our technical support number. It is imperative for the safety of operation that there is a little slack in the cable once installed.
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